Cheap Tricks Library Framework
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Cheap Tricks Library Framework (CTLF) is a lightweight PHP web-application framework providing:

This means that the framework lets you easily load predefined objects in any place of your code. It also allows grouping these objects into modules.

The framework and associated libraries are licensed under opensource MIT style license.


You can download latest version of the framework from SourceForge:

Current version is: alpha-2005-11-26.

Development logo

Development takes place at the SourceForge website.

Project home page is at:

You can subscribe to ctlf-discussion mailinglist to participate in project planning.

Changelog / News

New release available. Named "alpha-2005-11-26"
Lots of updates in CVS, created a range of module interface documentation.
CTLF pulished on SourceForge.
Initial CTLF release.


Thanks to Donatas Aleksandravičius (Donis), Žilvinas Sadauskas, Darius Kučinskas, Linas Gricius and others for their interest and support.